Little Dragons - (Ages 4-5)


Build Strong Muscles

You may notice your child is unable to sit still for even a few minutes, become tired of walking quickly, or struggle to hold items. This is because between the ages of 4-5 they have very low muscle tone in their bodies.

We help your child develop strong muscles that make the everyday skill set easier and more enjoyable, both for you and them!

Following directions & mental processing

Do you struggle with your child following directions you give them? Consider that your child only has between 4-5 years of English vocabulary learned. They often only grasp bits and pieces of the message you’re trying to tell them and may not understand the full message.

We work with your child intellectually by improving their ability to process both verbal and body language cues to follow directions.

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Bravery & Confidence

It’s common for 4-5 year-olds to be fearful. Fearful of new environments, fearful of change, fearful of imaginary things. Your child will be exposed to new, safe surroundings where they can explore, play, and learn. You’ll see their confidence rise with each new class.

Improve Social Skills

At this age, children will often mock one another to try and be a part of the group. They often will use physical touch in an attempt to communicate, rather than verbal communication, as they aren’t as confident trying to use words to express themselves.

We’ll help teach your child what’s appropriate in a social setting vs what isn’t.

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